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April 27, 2007


Buddhist Jihad

I'm having a fairly hard time with this Iraq War thing, too. But seemingly for different reasons.

Difficulties with the Afghanistan-War-on-Al Qaeda/Taliban thing? Not so much. Wish they'd finished it off properly.

Speaking for a generation ahead of you, one who was and is all too familiar with the Vietnam War thing -- there are real problems here. Problems not of your making.

As a result of the US invasion of Iraq, we've pretty much replaced a vile non-secular Iraqi dictatorship with either an Iran-aligned anti-American Shi'a Iraqi medievalist theocracy OR an Al-Qaeda-aligned anti-American Sunni Iraqi medievalist theocracy.

Think inevitable regional war. Think massive withdrawal of petroleum.

Think of prescient Jimmy Carter who warned us off our oil addiction THIRTY YEARS ago, as being like the legendary prophetess Cassandra -- always right, and always disbelieved.

Disbelieved, alas, to our peril.


I agree that we've screwed things up pretty bad. ButI don't think it's fair to say that we've done the replacing, though. See, there were Iraqi organizations that were supposed to step up after the fall of the Saddam regime. This is well documented. We were supposed to drop Saddam and the Iraqis were supposed to step up.
What happened, of course, is what we should have expected all along, what happens when people like the Iraqis are left to their own devices: nothing at all. Which of course leaves a power vaccuum. Which of course is the worst possible condition for a Middle Eastern state to be in.

All the more reason to not cut and run right now.

But even if I'm wrong - and let's say that I am, for argument's sake. It's still just as inexcusable for the controlling party in Congress to tie what they want onto the bill that feeds the troops. They're saying, "Okay, fine, if you don't give us what we want, we won't feed your soldiers." Even if what they want is to pull them out. It's either bring them home or starve them over there? Are you serious?

Another thing is that, thirty years ago, it wasn't just Jimmy Carter bemoaning our dependence on foreign oil. Everyone, even the characters on those incredibly mindless sitcoms, was saying the same thing. My mother bitched endlessly over it (all I cared about what the Six Million Dollar Man, because I was like five). I wouldn't give Carter too much credit for that. I do like the image of Carter as an all-knowing and "always right" prophet, though. You should share that with those who lost loved ones in the Desert One fiasco.

I'm afraid I have to take a hard stance on this one. I can normally agree to disagree, but not here. You, and everyobody else, should agree with me on this issue. It's simple, it's non-partisan, and it's absolutely right. Whether you support us being over there or not, it's dead wrong and unforgivable to cause further suffering among our own soldiers in order to get our way.
I flew into Iraq and lived there for more than a year in order to provide what comfort I could to people there, both American and Iraqi, military and civilian. Now, I'm sitting here watching our own elected officials piss on them for political reasons, and it's about as wrong as it can be.


Let me clarify: I'm saying that I think everyone should see it this way. I'm not saying that I'll hate (or watever) anyone who disagrees. So normally I can see others' points of view, and I try to hang out somewhere in the middle. At least until I decide where I want to stand. But on this I honestly can't see what makes it right. I can't understand these people's mindset. There's just no way to rake it sound right.

Evidently, I'm not the only one. Here's a letter that's going around via email:

Mrs. Clinton;
I am very upset with you and all the other Democrats that want to surrender to our enemies in Iraq. Anyone who makes a statement to the effect that, "we have lost the war in Iraq", should be tried for treason!
"Cut and run" is the only strategy you have Hillary and you would make a despicable, coward of a President of this great nation!
You are using this unpopular war and our brave soldiers as a political ploy to gain any advantage you think you may get to win the Whitehouse.
I am a combat Veteran of another unpopular war, VietNam. I know how it was for me and others who fought there to win, while hearing and reading the rumors of "cut and run", "we cannot win", "we do not belong here", and "we have lost", etc. Folks at home under leadership like your's lost that war because you took away what we needed to win and gave up, ....quit. Thousands were massacred when and as we pulled out.... quit, and their blood is on the hands of spineless politicians such as yourself. A far worse scenario will follow this defeat if you and others allow it to happen!
You are a disgrace for a servant of the people of the United States. You have turned your back to the needs of our soldiers as well as to the hopes and dreams of those who called upon us in time of need.

Philip E. Shope

Jeffersonville, IN.

Also, I'm even hearing some measure of disdain in the leftist media, when the talking hairdos "report" on congressional movements. So maybe there's hope yet, huh?

Let me know if you agree or disagree, that what the Democrats are doing right now is WRONG and is, in fact, bordering on TREASON, or at least subversive against the US military. I'd just like to know how many people agree with me (if you disagree, well I guess that's cool too - LOL).

Buddhist Jihad

I don't find that this administration (with the exception of Robert Gates, who inherited a situation he did not create, and is noble in my eyes for having actually prevented a nuclear war) has been at all supportive of the troops. That's shocking.

They've been nickel-and-dimeing them right from the get-go, not only from with respect to treating mental wounds, but in long-term treatment of physical wounds, not to mention sending suicidal troops back into battle. They planned for a cheap, quick war, and they were wrong. W-r-o-n-g.

They were wrong about Chalabi, they were wrong about linking Al-Qaeda, they were wrong about the consequences of de-Baathification, they were wrong, wrong wrong. And they're still driving the bus?

Earlier, they were wrong when they ignored all the warnings the previous administration had given about Al-Qaeda.

Lockstep obedience to central authority just because it's the central authority makes people braindead. You can't support the troops by forcing everyone to just shut up, and clap their hands together like trying to bring Tinkerbell back to life.

(I think you're too young for this reference --in stage versions of "Peter Pan" the audience is asked to clap their hands together, and when they do, the fairy is miraculously revived).

You think Congress is going to let American troops starve? Really? Please. You're listening to the Al Sharpton wing of the Republican party -- not race-baiting but "troops"-baiting.

The power to apply economic pressure is pretty much the only weapon Congress has. And they're using that weapon. Good for them.

Who should be the last to die for this war? Haven't enough died already? I see no way there won't be a fundamentalist theocracy in Iraq. None.

The only questions are -- which flavor fundamentalist Muslim will it be? How many more people will die? Will it devolve into a regional Sunni-Shia war, Iran vs. Saudi Arabia, with Iraq a battlefield in between? And how messed up will we be when that conflict drives oil prices even higher?


Whenever challenged, the typical Democrat response is to point a finger at the flaws of the Bush administration, as if their flaws justify our own.

That, and lots of accusations about “lockstep” and “drinking the Kool-aid.” I guess if I believe anything that was said by anyone not in the Democratic Party, then I’m just a blind follower. But you should know better than that after reading so much of my blog. I would hope, anyway.

Yes, they were wrong. About a whole boatload of things. But they were right about a lot more than they’re given credit for. And as wrong as they’ve been, the Bush Administration has received ZERO support, ZERO back-up, and ZERO constructive input from the Democratic Party from day one. Nothing but childish finger-pointing and back-biting. I can’t believe anyone would support the Democrats after this, but people still do. Ah well.

NONE of this has any bearing whatsoever on my point. What you’re doing here is attempting to use the Bush Administration’s failures to justify the Democratic Congress intentionally taking a crap all over our Armed Services in order to pointlessly oppose the Bush Administration. The only reason Congress has tied the artificial troops withdrawal clause to the Military Spending Bill was to further vilify the president by forcing him to veto it (as he’d already promised he would). It’s not an economic measure, it’s blackmail, using American troops, currently in harm’s way while deployed forward in combat, as pawns.

And what, you actually the Democratic Congress will step up at the last minute and pass some other bill to support our troops? That's not what happened when I was in the Army, back during the past time the Democrats did this. That's not how they operate.


And the other side of that is this: You're telling me that there's no way to avoid a fundamentalist theocracy in Iraq? Why? Because YOU don't see a way?

Well, how's this for a way: If we can effectively supress the insurgency, which is more organized crime now than theocratic extremism anyway (bet you didn't know that), then the people of the country can haggle over whatever kind of government they want. But they won't stand a chance until that insurgency is quelled. Period. I fail to understand what's so difficult to see about that. It's exactly what General Petraeus (sp?) is saying (and what the Democrats are interpreting as 'the war is lost'). This is the rationale behind what the press named the 'surge'.
naturally, the plan is doomed to failure, if more than half of lawmakers in this country (and the people who believe their drivel) won't give it a chance to succeed. Barely two months into the 'surge,' we're already declaring it a failure?

How disgusting. I don't want to write about it any more. It quite literally makes me sick.

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