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June 11, 2007


Buddhist Jihad

Al Gore was prescient about the internet, in terms of understanding many many years ago (long before you or I knew) what a powerful tool it would become, and how it would change all our lives.

For his intelligence and foresight, he was mocked by the right, and is mocked to this very day.

I don't think either intelligence or foresight is worthy of contempt.


Thanks for the shout out!
The small practical steps of the Nature Challenge are, as you've pointed out, not going to change the world. Or they won't if just one of us makes small changes in our lives. But as a group we can make a huge difference.

Join us at:

Elijah van der Giessen
Outreach Coordinator, Communications Department
David Suzuki Foundation


Buddhist Jihad -
It's not just the right who mocks Al Gore, my friend. It's pretty much everyone but the far left. But the internet thing is a perfect example of Al Gore's Hollywood-esque self-aggrandizement. LOTS of people understood the Internet's potential back then. But not all of them were senators, you see, so not everyone is in the record as saying it in the early days. But if Al Gore and Al Gore alone was the sole visionary of the future power of the Internet way back then, do you honestly think it would have grown to what it is right now? Do you really think it had nothing to do with all those computer engineers and software developers who actually, really, here in the real world, created the Internet? If he'd just said that he liked the Internet, recognized its potential, and foresaw that it would become a more powerful tool than most people could yet understand, then that would be prescient. "I created the Internet" is just stupid, and quite worthy of contempt.

It's not just the Internet thing. The man made dozens of similarly asinine comments over the years. In my estimation, he is a quack whacko goofball, completely off his rocker. HOWEVER, I should point out that you've expressed support for him and his ideas, and I don't wish to be disrespectful of your opinion. That said, I must continue to strongly disagree with it.


I wish I'd known about you guys years ago. I think your simple, down-to-Earth approach to environmental issues makes a lot more sense than what we're accustomed to here in the States.

Toward that angle, is there a David Suzuki Foundation here in the US, or is it mostly a Canadian thing?


Of course, Gore didn't actually say, "I created the Internet," did he? What he said was that it was he and his cronies in the Senate who made the Internet possible by introducing the right legislature to enable true progress.

What a bunch of hogwash (and that's the polite word). I'm thankful that such major steps in our technological development don't actually rely on congressional intervention, government actions that enlarge and empower the government, in order to happen. I'm thankful that Mr. Gore and his mafioso-esque henchmen aren't the people who run around deciding what will happen in the future and what won't.

Can you imagine? You see something coming up, some big fad (like television in the 1950s or the Internet in the 1990s) and suddenly it was you who made it happen? Just imagine the ego! The big-headed conciet! What must it be like to be that full of yourself?

wow. I mean, wow. Beyond that, I'm dumbfounded.


"Well, I still believe that the current round of global climate change is part of a natural cycle, but I’m not so sure that we’re not helping it along. "

What an irresponsible thing to say. Science is NOT based on the "belief" system of a diletante. There is NO scientific evidence whatsoever for you to base your "belief" on. What you have is a denial issue. Get educated.
Science is teaching us that ALL natural climate forcers now at play have earth heading into a COOLING phase, NOT a warming phase. Climate science is an old science and it is well understood. The only remaining thing that can be warming our planet is the 17 trillion cubic meters of the potent GHG CO2 (more potent than argon, the gas we put in our windows to insulate them) into our very thin atmosphere each and every year.


scruffysmiley: "I'm thankful that such major steps in our technological development don't actually rely on congressional intervention, government actions "

you're kidding right? the internet is a government invention.


Hey Pierre! Thanks for your comments. Actually I wrote this post about four years ago, before I "got educated" about Global Climate Change and the other names by which we call the international religion of hype.

After years of my own research into who is saying what and where people's loyalties and movitations are, I think I'm ready to declare the whole thing a load of bullshit.

You are, of course, free to be led around by your choke chain, if that's what you want. But for me and my house, we prefer to be independent thinkers.

Have a good one

Steve Meacher

I would like to direct the author's attention to Gwynne Dyer's book, "Climate Wars" as another angle on the climate change issue.

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