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May 18, 2007


Buddhist Jihad

I have a comment to make about how the rule of law in America has been upheld recently, but I'm biting my tongue, keyboard-wise, as best I can, not completely, clearly, since I wrote down this much.

Mmmph. (That's the sound not of one hand clapping, but me biting my tongue).


You're biting your tongue? Who are you and what have you done with Buddhist Jihad?

Yeah, I completely get your point. And for the most part, I agree with it. The rule of law has become a complete joke here, just like everywhere else. The difference is that we still adhere to our illusion of lawfulness.

I know you might think I'm on the conservative (meaning, in this case, Bush) side, but I'm really very, very tired of both sides combining, joining forces, and falling on the wrong side of the immigration issue. If we're not going to uphold our own friggin laws, then I say we need to abolish the borders altogether. Why waste all that money on fences and cameras, if they're not going to mean anything?

In fact, maybe we should give up on the government completely. Gather a bunch of serious Buddhists together, move to some island somewhere or some mountain compound, and start all over with the Dharma Party.

Most Americans don't want this amnesty bill. But the government doesn't care. There's just so much money involved in allowing these people to piss all over our laws, that there's really no way for a simple "rule of law" argument to compete. So it's all we can do to just sit here and take it, or go somewhere else.

I wish Thomas Jefferson were here.

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