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May 02, 2007


Buddhist Jihad

I'd put it on US employers who depend on cheap labor, looking for ways to subvert the laws of supply and demand, whether it means artifically fiddling with the labor pool by shipping jobs overseas or by using illegals or by making people work part-time so they don't get benefits.

Better for US businesses to step up to the plate, check identities (instead of doing a wink, wink, nod nod) and raise wages high enough to compete successfully for workers.

Simultaneously, it's good to try to help with development in other countries. USAID historically attempted this; other international organizations also. The guy from Bangladesh who won the Nobel prize for microloans comes to mind.

Need to have good boundaries between "development" and "exploitation," however.


Right on! I wonder what more can be done to address the corruption and artificially-induced poverty in some of these countries? Seems like that would be more compassionate than what little we're doing now, yeah?

Buddhist Jihad

I've spent a lot of time in third-world countries, and I don't know that their poverty is artificially-induced, particularly, any more than poverty here could be said to be artificially-induced.

Nor do I have creative thoughts on solutions for corruption, there or here. Compulsory meditation? Just kidding.

Actually, I think at a prison in India they did introduce meditation -- not compulsory, though. Had some good results, I believe.


Try Somalia, the Sudan, Angola or Liberia. Try Iraq (under Saddam), Syria or Yemen. Try Mexico.

For that matter, California.

None of these countries is poor. None is lacking in resources. But where the money coming into the country and the wealth being distributed goes is controlled by the ruling class. Therefore, ergo, and it must follow that: artifically-induced poverty runs amok throughout much of the third world.

OK, I'm getting pretty far off topic again.
But do you think that anyone outside of Mexico can address the poverty that causes Mexican nationals to enter the US illegally?

Buddhist Jihad

No, thus I'd certainly want Mexico's opinion. And Calderon certainly has opinions/plans on this topic. Don't recall the details, have to go to work, so I can't look it up, but it's out there.

Buddhist Jihad

And the response to the ruling class thing will take more time, but, in essence, yes. Gotta run.

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